Master has decided to stay in the Hotel for another night. We have been here since Friday night and I am more relaxed than I have been in a long time. If it wasn’t for The Company paying for this weekend we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Plus today is payday.

We will be able to take out $100 from the check for savings but no more than that. The week we were working on has only around 900 miles, I think. So next weeks check will be horrible. But it’s what happens when the truck breaks down on the weekend. People with normal jobs go home early on Saturday and don’t come back until Monday morning. The truck is technically done, but the work week ends tomorrow and there is no possible way we can get 1100+ miles in one day. So He is allowing us a final day.

I am so glad He is doing this. I don’t want to get back in that blasted thing! I always have a hard time adjusting to the truck after a long weekend out of it.

We should here something back from the apartments we looked at Friday. I am on pins and needles waiting. So much is riding on this. Once we get the place (Think positive people!) I will come off the truck so my Master can train another driver or two. It allows Him to get twice the miles and it is a bonus in pay. Only problem is He will be out a month at a time and when He gets home He will probably bring His student with Him. It’s what He use to do. Which is ok except as soon as He walks in I am going to stick to Him like glue.

The whole reason He is training for the summer is to save money for either a lawyer or a car. If Gloria, the evil witch of the north, acts like I know she will we will have to go to court for His angel. But if our master plan works, we will have the extra 3-5 grand for a car. Either way we are getting His little girl by the end of the summer.

Which makes me nervous and excited in a whole new way. I never wanted to be a mom or have kids. Now He is getting His 11 year old. I just don’t want to mess her up like my mother did. Plus it will make this lifestyle that much more difficult to balance with normal. I know selfish thinking, but I can’t really stop that side from surfacing.

We will see how all of that goes when she arrives.

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