Pup Mentality

“Do you identify with a particular type of animal? Do you use any kind of pet or animal interactions with your owner?”

Mainly I identify with a pack animal. They surround themselves with their own kind and work together towards a common goal. With that said it is definitely the wolf that I align myself towards.

I love that there is only one Alpha Male and Female per pack. She is the only one allowed to breed. I definitely have a pack mentality. That is one reason why I always have pets. Mostly dogs. They need leadership and guidance as much as I do. I know it’s a little different but on this premises it’s actually similar.

I don’t really think of my kinky friends as a pack but I do migrate towards them instead of the more mundane and normal fellows. I need to feel like I am not the only one in this world that feels the way I do.

I lean more towards a puppy when I interact with my Master. Not all the time but it the urge definitely arrises. I nuzzle His hand when I am on my knees by Him when I want attention. When I am feeling some what vulnerable I will put my head in His lap. It makes me feel His strength and that He won’t let anything happen to me.

When I revert to a puppy it’s mainly because of emotional issues. And strangely it helps. Plus it lets Master know right away that I need more assurance and love than usual. So it works both ways.

    • niyamaiu
    • April 21st, 2011

    i agree with the pack assessment. i feel the same way at times. When i’m feeling a bit bummed or needing reassurance, i revert to feeling like a cub or puppy. When i’m feeling sensual or extra graceful in my service, i feel like a puma.

    It may be wierd to some to have both feline and lupine personas, but it’s always been part of what i am.

  1. @ niyamaiu: Welcome and thanks for the comment!

    It seems easier to express yourself when feeling vulnerable while in the persona of an animal. For me, it takes away the mental blocks I have.

    Yes some might think it odd but if both represent you than to Hades with them 🙂 me I’m more a pup than cat but I do love the pony gear as well lol

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