“Are you micromanaged? Do you find you flourish best in a micromanaged environment? Why or why not?”

Right now because of the truck and small space my Master can’t exactly pull over and punish me if I do something wrong. It’s just not an option right now. When we get the apartment and move it will be much easier for Him. He will just have to grab my hair or collar and correct me. *Shivers with excitement*

From keepandshare.com

I find that if I have a set daily routine or schedule I flourish better. When I know what I can and can’t do it makes it easier for me to concentrate on my submission and grow as His slave. I guess it takes the pressure off of my shoulders if I know what exactly I am doing for that day. I like spontaneity as much as the next girl but not quite all the time. In the bedroom or in a scene, hell yes! In my rules? Nope.

It also makes me feel secure and wanted. If my Master takes time out of His busy day to create a daily routine for me, it is just another way to show me that He is committed to my success as His slut. He has created a tool with His own hands to help me do that. You have no idea how that feels. It’s like a warm blanket of love, ownership, control and reassurance wrapped around you to keep you safe and happy.

It’s  not something for every slave, but for this one? It is definitely up there on the I-Want-and-Need list!

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