The little helper

“Do you know what a Butler’s book is? Do you use one as a part of your service? If not, do you have a book to keep track of frequent guests’ preferences so that you can cater to their needs and desires each time they visit?”

When I was living in Washington I had a Butler’s book that was an absolute life saver for family get together or BBQ’s. Every person who likes to entertain and throw get together needs one!

At first I wrote things down on individual index cards for what one person liked to eat, drink and what foods or ingredients they were allergic to. But it got so scattered and unorganized I sat down one day and copied it into a spare notebook I had lying around. I gotta tell you, having everything in one easy to look at area is definitely a life saver.

Since I moved in with my Master I haven’t really been able to cook let alone creat a get together with friends or family. But now that we are getting the apartment I will be able to do it again.

I’m sure it seems so old-fashioned and it is. But in my opinion, it is one thing the Older Generations got right. And it works wonders in this lifestyle too.

Say your Owner has a large interest in the local community of Kinky persons. He has a few friends that are Dominates and the responsibility of making a lasting impression with the cooking and entertaining lands squarely on your shoulders. Its crunch time and you have to plan a meal for Them and say their slaves. You can go to your Butler’s Book or Little Helper as I call it and have everything there. If Sir A doesn’t like garlic and Sir B likes Mexican food but is allergic to tomatoes, you have it all right in front of you and can make a meal that satisfies everybody. Just make sure you don’t forget your Master/Mistress’s interests in the jumble. After all they are the ones that are most important to you.

And it makes your Master/Mistress look good in the eyes of His/Her peers. Which is one of the main motivations in our lifestyle as a slave/submissive is it not? And even we need help remembering all the information. It’s why the Meal planner, Shopping list and now the Butler’s Book are one of the best tools to use!

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