The Switch

Its 7am and I just woke up. Master went inside so I have a few minutes to write.

Usually when I wake up I’m a little groggy until my brain wakes up. But today it’s up and running in high gear analyzing last night. Master gave me a very good thrashing. That evil leather paddle was used everywhere. My back, butt, legs, arms and breasts. I’m sore in places I forgot I had. It was mentally exhausting in the sense my mind wouldn’t turn off! I kept thinking if that was what I really needed or was I doing it for some sick gratification. It made the pain hard to bear. I was crying with snot rolling down my face. Until He did my back. I guess that was the switch that shut off my raging thoughts. The pain didn’t change only… shifted from unbearable to enjoyable. I stopped crying and spaced. I was floating on the current of pain and every thing clicked! Yes, it was what I needed. I was ensconced in my place and who I am. Of course I get a warped gratification out of it. I’m a pain slut after all! No, HIS pain slut. 🙂

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