Part1: The Girls

A timid knock interrupts his lecture on basic protocol. Whispers erupt like an angry mob, one glare from the Professor silences them. The worn book thuds to the desk as he stalks to the door. The whispers start up again in a hushed frenzy at the mini conversation. “What is it girl?” A voice as clear as a crystal bell answers, “Forgive the interruption, but I am here to retrieve the students who have come of age.”

Stepping aside to allow her entrance he waits for the reaction of the class. The woman clad in a short black mini skirt, purple blouse under a tightly chinked corset with thigh high stockings steps off to the side and waits patiently for his instructions. She has been well trained, he thought appreciatively. The class is silent except the few creeks from the wooden seats of those who knew it was time. “Let me get the files. I see you’re doing better with the boots. Did the stress ball help?” he called over his shoulder.

A smile tugs the womans lips as the front row looks to the ballet boots she is teetering on. “So far with your pointers, I haven’t fallen as much. Thank you Sir.” piercing green eyes rack the group of wide eyed pupils wondering which ones she would be mentoring.

While digging out two files from his desk he says, “Cassidy and Amy get your things together. You will be leaving with Dawn. Quickly!” striding to the woman watching the two he hands her the files. “They are a bit slow yet in responding, its all here.”

Bowing over the offered files, Dawn thanks him. “I will make sure to repeat that to my Master. Sorry again for the interruption.” His smile is reassuring and kind. Her attention is diverted to the girls standing in front of her huffing and wide eyed. The taller of the two had striking features. Her read hair went down to the middle of her back, high elegant cheekbones accentuated by a dusting of freckles and her eyes! A deep green rimmed with a light brown twinkling with untapped possibilities. Her figure was also a plus! The other girl was slightly shorter with blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a mouth tailor made to suck a cock. Her hair was cropped short in an inverted bob. The girls’ ample breasts straining against her school girl uniform. Her posture hinted at the dainty and shy.

With one last smile to the Professor, Dawn motioned for the two to step outside. Following them she shuts the door on their past and the familiar with a solid click.

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