Part3: Sir Murdock

Cassidy’s jaw locked in a frown as the Head Master smacked dawns ass with a resounding Crack! as the girl left his chambers. A small giggle escapes from amy. Both reactions noticed by dawn. One more curious than the other.

Leading them back down a flight of stairs, she veers to the left and under an archway leading to yet another stair. The steep stairs led to a large subroom with row upon row of clothes. All of varying shape, size and type. Ignoring a couple of slaves at work, dawn heads to the back. “Keep up!” she called to the lagging girls.

Stepping down two steps into a back room that looked part dressing room part lounge, dawn stops to call out, “Sir Murdock?”

Emerging from the shadows behind the girls, the very tall thin man looks at the trio curiously. His whispery voice makes two jump. “Ah, Dawn my dear, how can I help you?”

Walking to him, dawn clasps his hands gently. His smile was cheeky. Other slaves found him creepy but she adored him! Handing him the piece of paper she motions to the girls, “I need uniforms for them. Plus to ribbon wrapped chain collars with O-rings.”

The bright all knowing gaze unnerves the two as he reads the note. In neat hand writing it says:

“Make sure the red head is out of her comfort zone! I’m thinking as little fabric as possible.   -DL”

Slipping the paper in his breast pocket he looks at the girl in question curiously. It’s rare for D to request anything even rarer for the new ones. He pushes a button by the entrance and a bell tolls throughout both rooms, within minutes the two working slaves rush in. He motions to a plush pillow on the floor by a couch as he speaks, “Dawn why don’t you get comfortable, yes? This might take a moment. You two!” He waves at the wide eyed girls standing before him. “Disrobe, including under garments. Now! Don’t make me do it for you.”

With jerky movements and bright red faces the girls strip down to nothing. Murdock snapped his fingers and the robed slaves split off one for each girl. Measuring tapes fly in a flurry of movement as the students are thoroughly measured. His tone is casual yet amused at the continuous blushes, “Bring two corsets in the correct size.” with a bow one of the slaves leaves to retrieve the items. “Have either of you worn a corset?”

Amy was the first to answer. “No Sir.”

Cassidy was quick in pursuit. “No Sir.”

Looking over to the very comfortable looking dawn, he smiles. “Start with an inch for the red head, half an inch for the blonde.” her nod satisfies him as the slave returns and they start to chink the corsets. Cassidy’s grimace of discomfort amuses him. It seems the blonde is more open, he thought. With the corsets on he states, “Bend over and touch your toes. Or at least try to.” At the failed attempts he nods. “I figured as much. That’s fairly normal.” Waving to the slaves the corsets are removed. “The uniforms will be sent to your room dawn. All but the first set, those will go to the baths of course. Get dressed!”

With a hug she thanks him greatly. “You are the best, Sir.”

A smile creeps over his features. “That I am dear!”

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