Part4: The Baths

During the long walk to some place unfamiliar amy plucks up enough courage to speak, “Um, dawn? Why did we need new uniforms?” As soon as the words left her mouth she thought she would die of fright. What if I wasn’t suppose to talk? Like a test, she thought.

Slowing her pace to let amy’s legs rest, she answers. “Now that you are legally an Adult in the state of Texas you won’t be wearing the school girl get up.” she waved her hand at amy’s attire to punctuate her words. Amy bit her lower lip in thought. Unable to ask any more questions.

Cassidy broke the silence after a few minutes silence. “Do those hurt? Walking this much?”

Looking back dawn sees the girl eye her shoes. Her smile is amused. “Absolutely! But my Master likes them so I wear them.” Glimpsing cassidy’s frown from the corner of her eye dawns curiosity spikes. She will slip soon enough, she thought.

Stopping in front of the modern elevator, dawn pushes the down button. The wait seemed forever to the girls. Wondering how big the school was she opens her mouth to ask but the doors open. Stepping inside amy’s mouth hangs open as her eyes bulge. There were eight total buttons. Dawn pushed in the last one with a “B” on it.

The elevator took off with a soft hum. Red numbers ticked off their decent one level at a time. With a jarring motion the box screeched to a halt. The red numbers were now just a “B”. The doors slid open effortlessly revealing a huge cavernous room. Every 10″ there were huge granite pillars, but what startled the girls wasn’t the size or the pillars or even all the naked women. Their eyes were glued to the massive circular pool set into the floor and it didn’t smell like chlorine. Instead it was emitting a sweet smell of Jasmine.

Following dawn they listened to her speech while their gaze darted everywhere trying to take it all in. “Welcome to the Baths. As you might of guessed, this is no ordinary pool. It has a purifying and filtration system but it in fact is the central bath. To the right through the hall is the personal baths. There are no screens or doors. You will go to the elevator we got off to come down here every morning upon waking to bathe. The central bath is scented by Mistress Yessi. She is in charge of the baths. After you are done washing line up for inspection.”

Walking to the personal baths dawn seeks out Mistress Yessi. The woman was by a bath with a thermometer, a scowl on her face. She was slender and average height. Her silk gown a pale blue. “Excuse me Miss. These are two of the new girls. I was wondering where paula was? They need to be dehaired.”

The womans scowl deepened wrinkling her brow as she gestures to a room in the back. “She is stacking towels in the dressing room. I’m sure you won’t miss her!”

Walking quickly away dawn points to the last two baths. “Use those while I get paula. Scrub from head to toe, you’ll find what you need in the baskets.” she called to the girls as she went into the dressing room. Paula was in her usual robe with her black silk hair in a pony tail. She was balancing on a stool with a stack of towels on her head. Her bare feet poking out of the robe. “Hey, paula! I’ve got two girls for you. They’re in the baths now. Shouldn’t take long, they are a bit jumpy.”

A startled yelp comes from the girl as she spins around clutching her robes. Towels fly everywhere. “Geesh dawn! Don’t sneak up on me! My poor ticker!”

Unable to stop the laughter as a towel falls open on paula’s head, she bends down to pick up the pile. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you. Did you hear what I said?” at paula’s confused look she giggles. “Two girls, baths, won’t take long.”

“Oh! Alright. I will finish this then be out with my things.” taking the folded towels from dawn she smiles her thanks.

Walking out to the baths dawn sees the girls waist deep in water scrubbing away. The smell of Jasmine even stronger here. She settles on a near by bench to wait. The pressure off her toes a blessed relief. Hopefully Master will be more practical in her footwear tomorrow, she thought.

Paula came out with a basket under hand and a determined look on her face. Standing by the bath with Cassidy inside she says, “You first. Rinse then go to the bench, quickly!”

Cassidy gulped a lung full of air ducking under the water to rinse the suds from her body. Popping to the surface rubbing her eyes she climbed out following the small woman. At her order she layed on her back on the hard bench staring at the ceiling. A towel was rubbed roughly along her legs, stomach, breasts and arms. Her cheeks flamed to a crimson color as her cunt was effectively dried too.

The girls hands replaced the towel smearing some cold cream along every square inch of her front. With a startled cry Cassidy’s eyes flew open as the cream got unbearably hot. “What the…?!” Before she could finish the sentence paula spoke, “Its melting the hairs. It won’t kill you!” Grimacing at the slow burn she snaps her mouth shut.

A wet cloth slid along her legs, removing the burning cream and hair. Slowly the cloth is moved over her front leaving her skin smooth to the touch. At the gesture she flipped over starting the process again. The burn wasn’t as bad this time, she was expecting it. Soon it was over and paula said, “Stand up.” Complying quickly, cassidy jumped up. Those small hands were rubbing a lotion into her skin. This smelt like Jasmine just like everything else. Must be a theme, she thought.

Her hair was then combed and pulled into one long braid, only it was slightly off kilter so it hung over her bare shoulder. Satisfied paula smiled and said, “You’re done. Go sit down with dawn and wait. Blondie your up.” The same things were done to her only she didn’t complain. Amy’s hair was left down in its natural state, silky straight.

“Your outfits are inside. Dawn will give them to you. My work here is done.” Patting the blondes shoulder she went back to stacking towels.

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