Tony the Tiger

In Grosse Tette Louisiana on I-10 exit 139 there is this truck stop that is near and dear to my heart. You won’t find another quite like it. I know your probably thinking, “A truck stop is a truck stop, right?” and normally I would agree with you.

But every once in a while you run across a gem! This is just the place that makes all others seem like junk.

Since its creation they have had several tigers. It’s not just the name of the place for no reason. There is an enclosure off to the front of the parking lot that holds dear ol Tony. He was born July of 2011 and has only lived there.

They use to have a breeding program that rivaled even the most technological zoos with millions at their disposal. Out of 13 cubs bread 10 survived. I’m no good at percentages, but that seems pretty damn good to me.

Now why am I writing about this now? I will tell you. Two years ago some bitch person from peta got their panties in a bunch because and I quote, “Tigers should be in the wild, not a truck stop!”. And Boy do I agree. But what is the difference between a truck stop and a zoo as far as that Tiger is concerned?

When making the enclosure they had a tiger specialist from the local zoo come down and inspect it. It passed with flying colors plus some! Tony and his predecessors are happy and fat. He has logs, balls and a pool of water to play in. He has three, yes three rooms off to the side that have little “caves” for him to get away from people. AND a local hunter comes in every month and brings him a live deer to “hunt”. So he is well taken care of.

Well, needless to say he is going to be the last Tiger at the Tiger truck stop! And the drivers a livid… So are the locals. If they don’t care, why is it any outsiders business?! It isn’t!

Anyway.. If you ever drive through there on that highway. Make sure to stop. They have a Donation box right next to his enclosure where you can help keep him the happy fat cat that he is!

I’d like your opinion!

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