I’m greatful for…

by PrimroseSue

Master’s love and patience.. I know I am not perfect. I try His patience each and every day when I misbehave, and yet He still sticks with me. I know I can do better be better and so does He! So He waits.

For frosted flakes when it’s either cereal or greasy day old pizza for breakfast.. When Master chooses Flying J truck stops to stay the night, I have limited choices for a nutritious or appetising breakfast. I am a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of they day. So I get the little individual cups of frosted flakes instead of pizza!

For Master allowing me to sleep in once in a while… I am not a morning person! I make no excuses as to why. I’d rather greet the dawn by staying awake all night than wake up at 6am or earlier. So when Master lets me sleep in, I have no words to express my thanks.

Master’s mercy and letting me have a Red Bull and coffee at 4am… I am not allowed to drink red bull, soda or anything to sweet. It messes with my system and I am trying to cut back on the sweets where I can. But at 4am I need the extra caffeine that is in both of those drinks. I usually drink Hot Tea instead of coffee, but red bull is usually a big no-no. He is very kind to me!

For finally being able to get a hotel when we are fried… When we were with the Other Company, we could barely afford to eat let alone take time off the truck in a hotel! But now? With the new Company we can do that once a month and sometimes more than that. It’s why I take great offense when someone speaks badly to me about it.

Sushi!! Need I say more? Except that Master doesn’t really like chinese food, so it’s rare that I get it.

And last but not least, for an extra dose of cuddles when The Curse is here… My Master is very understanding and sympathetic when it comes to cramps, hot flashes and cold flashes. He gives me cuddles when I ask for them and lets the leash slip a bit so to speak.


For the last week I have been writing a Gratitude List. It has been driving my Master crazy because I wouldn’t let Him see it. *snickers* He could have pushed the issue but didn’t. And that? Is one of the biggest honor He has given me. He lets me write freely and about anything I wish. No rules or limits. I am honored He trusts me enough to know what is acceptable to write about and what isn’t because if I had to get the posts preaproved? I’d go nuts!

So Thank you Master for everything You do for me and allow me to do! Your patience and trust mean everything to me!

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