Part5: The Uniforms

“Follow me.” Dawn said to her girls, keeping an eye on their reactions she led them to an empty part of the dressing room. On the bench were two stacks of clothing. Removing the collars from the top she hands them to the eager girls. “Get dressed. I will help with the corsets.”

With a smile amy fingers through the stack. A white corset with pale pink lace on the edges caught her attention. Her gasp of pleasure made dawn smile. “Its beautiful!” There was a pair of white fishnet stockings, a pair of white panties with pink and white strings along the bottom. She turned to dawn confused.

“The strings clip onto the top of the stockings to hold them up.”

Amy’s mouth formed a delicate O as she slipped the soft fabric over her legs. The fit made her blush a bright crimson. They left a good chunk of her butt cheeks exposed. With a shrug the stockings were stepped into. Dawn knelt behind her and clipped the garter in place. They came to mid thigh and showed off her legs perfectly. Picking up the corset she fit amy into it, chinking it the half inch required. Little gasps but no complaints left amys lips. Patting her shoulder dawn smiled, “You look great, go look.”

Amy all but ran to the mirror. The image before her looked so foreign. The corset pushed her breasts up creating a deep V of cleavage. A ribbon of flesh peeked out between panties and the lace of the corset. Her reflection revealed the sexual part of her. She loved it. She had forgotten the strappy heals. She turned to get them but stopped dead in her tracks.

Cassidy’s glare ripped into her. Her pile of clothes in a tangled heap. Her voice was outraged, “Why does she get to wear that and I get… This?!”

Dawn couldn’t believe her ears. “Excuse me?” The girl must have gone batty, she thought.

Cassidy pointed to her clothes. “I’m not wearing that! There’s nothing there! At least she is covered.” she screeched at dawn.

She stalked to cassidy putting her face mere inches from the girls. “Wrong you ungrateful bitch. You will wear that or nothing at all. You have no say in what you wear!” her voice was a dead calm. She ment every word. One way or another the three of them were leaving the baths.

Her eyes narrowed in defiance as she hiked her chin up. “I will not wear that filth!”

“Put your shoes on amy, dear, quickly.” dawns fingers snaked into the redheads hair messing the braid up. The girl fell to the floor with a wince and tears in her eyes. “You just failed an order. You chose poorly.” With her free hand she flipped open a cell phone, punching in the number, she waits.

Rushing to put her heals on amy watched in silent amazement.

“I’m sorry to call Master, but cassidy has decided to wear nothing instead of her uniform.” The girl on the floor shuddered at dawns silence, wondering what was being said. Her palms were sweating and her heart was about to die of fright. “Yes Master. I understand, she will be ready.” Letting go of the wad of hair, she walked to a hidden cabinet. “Go wait outside on the bench amy.”

With one last look at cassidy, she walked off. As she settled on the bench the noise of something hitting flesh vibrated through the hall followed by screams of agony.

Her first punishment, she thought as she fiddled with a pearl button on the corset.

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