These little Lovelies are the blogs that I follow. The writers deserve much more than a little section on the sidebar. So they will be getting a whole page! These will be in order by which one I have found first to last.

Kitten: Thanks to Ki I am once again reading this wonderful persons blog. She is an imaginative and informative person who writes about her day to day struggles. I hope you hop on over and enjoy it as much as I do!

Muse: This wonderful writer writes about everything and anything. No topic is left behind. She is very open minded and thoughtful. Very informational to!

Subtle: This girl a while ago now, told her Owner she didn’t want to be a slave. Now they are learning to cope with the changes that has brought onto their relationship and dynamic.

Sephani: This gorgeous character is so far one of my favorites to read. She is right now in England with her Master and love of her life. They are sadly in a long distance relationship due to issues she posts about. I hope you enjoy her writings as much as I do!

Nilla: Oh Nilla! What a fantastic writer in all things kink and f*cking Hot!! She writes some of the most steamy stories I have ever read… And I read a lot of things. If you’re looking for a good hot, make your pants wet with longing story then hop on over to her blog!

Thisgirl: If you enjoy reading about the kinky mind of a Dominate and a slave who loves Him, this is the place for you! She has great topics all the time and I read her almost daily when I can. Oh and her pictures are awesome!

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    • ki
    • March 21st, 2011

    hey there,
    just a post to let ya know kitten’s site is still up and running.

  1. Thanks Ki!

    I haven’t looked in a year so I will fix it when I can ^.^

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