Master Ngttime

What to say about my Owner? His name is Ngt (pronounced Night). He has been in the lifestyle of BDSM for around 20 years give or take. His experience in owning another human being is what first drew me to Him like a moth to a flame. Which is pretty accurate. He can be a dangerous Man when He wishes to be.

He was born June 1957 around Chicago. He is 100% a city boy. He can get you anywhere you need to go in a major city in a few short minutes. He is a Professional Truck Driver with “The company”*. He has been driving Over The Road (OTR) for almost 14 years. He loves it with a passion. The open road calls to Him like nothing else, but after so long He is finally ready to get a local job around Corpus where we live. It will allow Him to be home every day instead of one day for every week out.

His favorite bondage technique/activity is Water bondage. For some reason controlling my life and breathes with water, annoying me with a constant drip to the forehead and other wonderful nasties is His main pleasure. Why? I am not sure. That is something you will have to ask Him.

He is a former Marine. His favorite animal is the Tiger. He is a father of 4. Three of which don’t talk to Him because of me. The youngest we are working to get custody of her. His favorite food is Lasagna and all Italian foods. He doesn’t like sushi or that much chinese food.

You can find Him on Fetlife as MasterNgttime. You can ask Him a question here or on any post that you wish to know His point of view.

*Due to our families (mainly His) not knowing our choice of lifestyle we are hiding any information that may reveal true identities such as work names, our names and where we live.

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