I’ve decided to take a break from the internet for the next 3 days. I don’t just mean Facebook but everything from Fetlife down to blogs. I will still write but I won’t be reading about other people’s lives.

I only have three days left with my Master. I am going to make them count for something! My focus is being shifted refocused on Him, where its suppose to be. He is my priority, not some one I have never met in person. No offence to any of you, but this is something I have to do.

I will not look back on these days with regret because I didn’t do more! My time with Him is extremely important, precious and special.


Eager Acceptance

I’m taking a break from writing The Academy. I normally don’t like to do that but there is a lot happening that is making me preoccupied.

We are moving into the apartment in less than a week. As for those of you who are friends on FB know, I am a mixed bag of nerves. It varies from day to day and hour to hour sometimes. I am excited to get off the truck! The first 6 months were fun but the year and a half after that was a bit brutal.

It was a great learning tool though. When two people are thrust together (not in a dirty way! Get your heads out of the gutter!) in a limited enviroment, they either mesh together or crumble. We not only meshed but thrived! At times it was a little rough and bumpy but no relationship is perfect. We are far from perfection but we are perfect for one another. There is no I or Me anymore, instead its We or Us.

People, couples especially, have no real concept of 24/7 until they live in a truck. I have no outside job or schooling to go to. Entertainment is done together, i.e movies. In the beginning we even showered together. Except for the bathroom we are hardly apart. Where He goes, I go. It can be suffocating or solidifying depending how you look at it. I like to think it helped make Us as strong as we are! For that, I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Now its time for the next stage in our relationship. Taking this leap of faith scares me to death and excites me. We have mastered living together in a really small space. Its become our normal and its safe. It’s not the experience or even the responsibility that frightens… Just that, we finally have us down pat and I’m afraid we will have to relearn us. I know that’s silly but there you have it.

Then you add being away from Master 2-3 weeks a month while He works and I’m a basket case!

I am doing things eagerly that I would normally grimace at just to have that feel of ownership and control. I don’t complain (as much) about the chores like laundry and making the bed. I still don’t like it but I am more than willing to do it. Anything I can do to help carry the dynamic we have now, I will do!

For instance, last night I gave Master a foot rub. I abhor feet! But I did it to show my appreciation to Him. No ulterior motive or selfish thoughts. Just me on my knees serving up one hell of a foot rub to Him!

Part5: The Uniforms

“Follow me.” Dawn said to her girls, keeping an eye on their reactions she led them to an empty part of the dressing room. On the bench were two stacks of clothing. Removing the collars from the top she hands them to the eager girls. “Get dressed. I will help with the corsets.”

With a smile amy fingers through the stack. A white corset with pale pink lace on the edges caught her attention. Her gasp of pleasure made dawn smile. “Its beautiful!” There was a pair of white fishnet stockings, a pair of white panties with pink and white strings along the bottom. She turned to dawn confused.

“The strings clip onto the top of the stockings to hold them up.”

Amy’s mouth formed a delicate O as she slipped the soft fabric over her legs. The fit made her blush a bright crimson. They left a good chunk of her butt cheeks exposed. With a shrug the stockings were stepped into. Dawn knelt behind her and clipped the garter in place. They came to mid thigh and showed off her legs perfectly. Picking up the corset she fit amy into it, chinking it the half inch required. Little gasps but no complaints left amys lips. Patting her shoulder dawn smiled, “You look great, go look.”

Amy all but ran to the mirror. The image before her looked so foreign. The corset pushed her breasts up creating a deep V of cleavage. A ribbon of flesh peeked out between panties and the lace of the corset. Her reflection revealed the sexual part of her. She loved it. She had forgotten the strappy heals. She turned to get them but stopped dead in her tracks.

Cassidy’s glare ripped into her. Her pile of clothes in a tangled heap. Her voice was outraged, “Why does she get to wear that and I get… This?!”

Dawn couldn’t believe her ears. “Excuse me?” The girl must have gone batty, she thought.

Cassidy pointed to her clothes. “I’m not wearing that! There’s nothing there! At least she is covered.” she screeched at dawn.

She stalked to cassidy putting her face mere inches from the girls. “Wrong you ungrateful bitch. You will wear that or nothing at all. You have no say in what you wear!” her voice was a dead calm. She ment every word. One way or another the three of them were leaving the baths.

Her eyes narrowed in defiance as she hiked her chin up. “I will not wear that filth!”

“Put your shoes on amy, dear, quickly.” dawns fingers snaked into the redheads hair messing the braid up. The girl fell to the floor with a wince and tears in her eyes. “You just failed an order. You chose poorly.” With her free hand she flipped open a cell phone, punching in the number, she waits.

Rushing to put her heals on amy watched in silent amazement.

“I’m sorry to call Master, but cassidy has decided to wear nothing instead of her uniform.” The girl on the floor shuddered at dawns silence, wondering what was being said. Her palms were sweating and her heart was about to die of fright. “Yes Master. I understand, she will be ready.” Letting go of the wad of hair, she walked to a hidden cabinet. “Go wait outside on the bench amy.”

With one last look at cassidy, she walked off. As she settled on the bench the noise of something hitting flesh vibrated through the hall followed by screams of agony.

Her first punishment, she thought as she fiddled with a pearl button on the corset.

Favorite place

Out of all the places Master and I drive through or have driven through in the 2years I’ve been on the truck, one place has a special place in my heart.

Master makes fun of me for it. We’ve been through the Deserts of Arizona, the mountains of West Virginia, Tennessee and California. I’ve seen the Montana plains, The Rocky Mountains and the cities of Chichago, Atlanta, Dallas, Philly, Buffalo, Miami, and Pheonix.

But the one place that I will trully miss is the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana on the west side of Baton Rouge! He likes the desert and wonders why I like some swamp in the middle of nowhere…

Because its in the middle of nowhere! It’s always green and lush and so alien to me. I’ve always been around Forests full of evergreens and pine trees. But not trees that can survive with their rutes submerged in water!

Plus the 18mile bridge is sinking… Yep, I said sinking! As in being claimed by the sludge and water. Aproxamitely 1-inch every year. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it is a major corridor on I-10 going from Lake Charles to Baton Rouge. Its just… majestic!

I’ve taken pictures but they just don’t do it justice.

I’m greatful for…

by PrimroseSue

Master’s love and patience.. I know I am not perfect. I try His patience each and every day when I misbehave, and yet He still sticks with me. I know I can do better be better and so does He! So He waits.

For frosted flakes when it’s either cereal or greasy day old pizza for breakfast.. When Master chooses Flying J truck stops to stay the night, I have limited choices for a nutritious or appetising breakfast. I am a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of they day. So I get the little individual cups of frosted flakes instead of pizza!

For Master allowing me to sleep in once in a while… I am not a morning person! I make no excuses as to why. I’d rather greet the dawn by staying awake all night than wake up at 6am or earlier. So when Master lets me sleep in, I have no words to express my thanks.

Master’s mercy and letting me have a Red Bull and coffee at 4am… I am not allowed to drink red bull, soda or anything to sweet. It messes with my system and I am trying to cut back on the sweets where I can. But at 4am I need the extra caffeine that is in both of those drinks. I usually drink Hot Tea instead of coffee, but red bull is usually a big no-no. He is very kind to me!

For finally being able to get a hotel when we are fried… When we were with the Other Company, we could barely afford to eat let alone take time off the truck in a hotel! But now? With the new Company we can do that once a month and sometimes more than that. It’s why I take great offense when someone speaks badly to me about it.

Sushi!! Need I say more? Except that Master doesn’t really like chinese food, so it’s rare that I get it.

And last but not least, for an extra dose of cuddles when The Curse is here… My Master is very understanding and sympathetic when it comes to cramps, hot flashes and cold flashes. He gives me cuddles when I ask for them and lets the leash slip a bit so to speak.


For the last week I have been writing a Gratitude List. It has been driving my Master crazy because I wouldn’t let Him see it. *snickers* He could have pushed the issue but didn’t. And that? Is one of the biggest honor He has given me. He lets me write freely and about anything I wish. No rules or limits. I am honored He trusts me enough to know what is acceptable to write about and what isn’t because if I had to get the posts preaproved? I’d go nuts!

So Thank you Master for everything You do for me and allow me to do! Your patience and trust mean everything to me!

Part4: The Baths

During the long walk to some place unfamiliar amy plucks up enough courage to speak, “Um, dawn? Why did we need new uniforms?” As soon as the words left her mouth she thought she would die of fright. What if I wasn’t suppose to talk? Like a test, she thought.

Slowing her pace to let amy’s legs rest, she answers. “Now that you are legally an Adult in the state of Texas you won’t be wearing the school girl get up.” she waved her hand at amy’s attire to punctuate her words. Amy bit her lower lip in thought. Unable to ask any more questions.

Cassidy broke the silence after a few minutes silence. “Do those hurt? Walking this much?”

Looking back dawn sees the girl eye her shoes. Her smile is amused. “Absolutely! But my Master likes them so I wear them.” Glimpsing cassidy’s frown from the corner of her eye dawns curiosity spikes. She will slip soon enough, she thought.

Stopping in front of the modern elevator, dawn pushes the down button. The wait seemed forever to the girls. Wondering how big the school was she opens her mouth to ask but the doors open. Stepping inside amy’s mouth hangs open as her eyes bulge. There were eight total buttons. Dawn pushed in the last one with a “B” on it.

The elevator took off with a soft hum. Red numbers ticked off their decent one level at a time. With a jarring motion the box screeched to a halt. The red numbers were now just a “B”. The doors slid open effortlessly revealing a huge cavernous room. Every 10″ there were huge granite pillars, but what startled the girls wasn’t the size or the pillars or even all the naked women. Their eyes were glued to the massive circular pool set into the floor and it didn’t smell like chlorine. Instead it was emitting a sweet smell of Jasmine.

Following dawn they listened to her speech while their gaze darted everywhere trying to take it all in. “Welcome to the Baths. As you might of guessed, this is no ordinary pool. It has a purifying and filtration system but it in fact is the central bath. To the right through the hall is the personal baths. There are no screens or doors. You will go to the elevator we got off to come down here every morning upon waking to bathe. The central bath is scented by Mistress Yessi. She is in charge of the baths. After you are done washing line up for inspection.”

Walking to the personal baths dawn seeks out Mistress Yessi. The woman was by a bath with a thermometer, a scowl on her face. She was slender and average height. Her silk gown a pale blue. “Excuse me Miss. These are two of the new girls. I was wondering where paula was? They need to be dehaired.”

The womans scowl deepened wrinkling her brow as she gestures to a room in the back. “She is stacking towels in the dressing room. I’m sure you won’t miss her!”

Walking quickly away dawn points to the last two baths. “Use those while I get paula. Scrub from head to toe, you’ll find what you need in the baskets.” she called to the girls as she went into the dressing room. Paula was in her usual robe with her black silk hair in a pony tail. She was balancing on a stool with a stack of towels on her head. Her bare feet poking out of the robe. “Hey, paula! I’ve got two girls for you. They’re in the baths now. Shouldn’t take long, they are a bit jumpy.”

A startled yelp comes from the girl as she spins around clutching her robes. Towels fly everywhere. “Geesh dawn! Don’t sneak up on me! My poor ticker!”

Unable to stop the laughter as a towel falls open on paula’s head, she bends down to pick up the pile. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you. Did you hear what I said?” at paula’s confused look she giggles. “Two girls, baths, won’t take long.”

“Oh! Alright. I will finish this then be out with my things.” taking the folded towels from dawn she smiles her thanks.

Walking out to the baths dawn sees the girls waist deep in water scrubbing away. The smell of Jasmine even stronger here. She settles on a near by bench to wait. The pressure off her toes a blessed relief. Hopefully Master will be more practical in her footwear tomorrow, she thought.

Paula came out with a basket under hand and a determined look on her face. Standing by the bath with Cassidy inside she says, “You first. Rinse then go to the bench, quickly!”

Cassidy gulped a lung full of air ducking under the water to rinse the suds from her body. Popping to the surface rubbing her eyes she climbed out following the small woman. At her order she layed on her back on the hard bench staring at the ceiling. A towel was rubbed roughly along her legs, stomach, breasts and arms. Her cheeks flamed to a crimson color as her cunt was effectively dried too.

The girls hands replaced the towel smearing some cold cream along every square inch of her front. With a startled cry Cassidy’s eyes flew open as the cream got unbearably hot. “What the…?!” Before she could finish the sentence paula spoke, “Its melting the hairs. It won’t kill you!” Grimacing at the slow burn she snaps her mouth shut.

A wet cloth slid along her legs, removing the burning cream and hair. Slowly the cloth is moved over her front leaving her skin smooth to the touch. At the gesture she flipped over starting the process again. The burn wasn’t as bad this time, she was expecting it. Soon it was over and paula said, “Stand up.” Complying quickly, cassidy jumped up. Those small hands were rubbing a lotion into her skin. This smelt like Jasmine just like everything else. Must be a theme, she thought.

Her hair was then combed and pulled into one long braid, only it was slightly off kilter so it hung over her bare shoulder. Satisfied paula smiled and said, “You’re done. Go sit down with dawn and wait. Blondie your up.” The same things were done to her only she didn’t complain. Amy’s hair was left down in its natural state, silky straight.

“Your outfits are inside. Dawn will give them to you. My work here is done.” Patting the blondes shoulder she went back to stacking towels.

Tony the Tiger

In Grosse Tette Louisiana on I-10 exit 139 there is this truck stop that is near and dear to my heart. You won’t find another quite like it. I know your probably thinking, “A truck stop is a truck stop, right?” and normally I would agree with you.

But every once in a while you run across a gem! This is just the place that makes all others seem like junk.

Since its creation they have had several tigers. It’s not just the name of the place for no reason. There is an enclosure off to the front of the parking lot that holds dear ol Tony. He was born July of 2011 and has only lived there.

They use to have a breeding program that rivaled even the most technological zoos with millions at their disposal. Out of 13 cubs bread 10 survived. I’m no good at percentages, but that seems pretty damn good to me.

Now why am I writing about this now? I will tell you. Two years ago some bitch person from peta got their panties in a bunch because and I quote, “Tigers should be in the wild, not a truck stop!”. And Boy do I agree. But what is the difference between a truck stop and a zoo as far as that Tiger is concerned?

When making the enclosure they had a tiger specialist from the local zoo come down and inspect it. It passed with flying colors plus some! Tony and his predecessors are happy and fat. He has logs, balls and a pool of water to play in. He has three, yes three rooms off to the side that have little “caves” for him to get away from people. AND a local hunter comes in every month and brings him a live deer to “hunt”. So he is well taken care of.

Well, needless to say he is going to be the last Tiger at the Tiger truck stop! And the drivers a livid… So are the locals. If they don’t care, why is it any outsiders business?! It isn’t!

Anyway.. If you ever drive through there on that highway. Make sure to stop. They have a Donation box right next to his enclosure where you can help keep him the happy fat cat that he is!

I’d like your opinion!