Part3: Sir Murdock

Cassidy’s jaw locked in a frown as the Head Master smacked dawns ass with a resounding Crack! as the girl left his chambers. A small giggle escapes from amy. Both reactions noticed by dawn. One more curious than the other.

Leading them back down a flight of stairs, she veers to the left and under an archway leading to yet another stair. The steep stairs led to a large subroom with row upon row of clothes. All of varying shape, size and type. Ignoring a couple of slaves at work, dawn heads to the back. “Keep up!” she called to the lagging girls.

Stepping down two steps into a back room that looked part dressing room part lounge, dawn stops to call out, “Sir Murdock?”

Emerging from the shadows behind the girls, the very tall thin man looks at the trio curiously. His whispery voice makes two jump. “Ah, Dawn my dear, how can I help you?”

Walking to him, dawn clasps his hands gently. His smile was cheeky. Other slaves found him creepy but she adored him! Handing him the piece of paper she motions to the girls, “I need uniforms for them. Plus to ribbon wrapped chain collars with O-rings.”

The bright all knowing gaze unnerves the two as he reads the note. In neat hand writing it says:

“Make sure the red head is out of her comfort zone! I’m thinking as little fabric as possible.   -DL”

Slipping the paper in his breast pocket he looks at the girl in question curiously. It’s rare for D to request anything even rarer for the new ones. He pushes a button by the entrance and a bell tolls throughout both rooms, within minutes the two working slaves rush in. He motions to a plush pillow on the floor by a couch as he speaks, “Dawn why don’t you get comfortable, yes? This might take a moment. You two!” He waves at the wide eyed girls standing before him. “Disrobe, including under garments. Now! Don’t make me do it for you.”

With jerky movements and bright red faces the girls strip down to nothing. Murdock snapped his fingers and the robed slaves split off one for each girl. Measuring tapes fly in a flurry of movement as the students are thoroughly measured. His tone is casual yet amused at the continuous blushes, “Bring two corsets in the correct size.” with a bow one of the slaves leaves to retrieve the items. “Have either of you worn a corset?”

Amy was the first to answer. “No Sir.”

Cassidy was quick in pursuit. “No Sir.”

Looking over to the very comfortable looking dawn, he smiles. “Start with an inch for the red head, half an inch for the blonde.” her nod satisfies him as the slave returns and they start to chink the corsets. Cassidy’s grimace of discomfort amuses him. It seems the blonde is more open, he thought. With the corsets on he states, “Bend over and touch your toes. Or at least try to.” At the failed attempts he nods. “I figured as much. That’s fairly normal.” Waving to the slaves the corsets are removed. “The uniforms will be sent to your room dawn. All but the first set, those will go to the baths of course. Get dressed!”

With a hug she thanks him greatly. “You are the best, Sir.”

A smile creeps over his features. “That I am dear!”


Part2: The Head Master

“Alright girls follow me. There is much to do and very little time to do it.”

With hesitant glances at one another they fall instep with the woman named Dawn. Trying to keep up with her quick strides, amy has to all but run. The corridors they are led through are unfamiliar and the girls soon get lost in the maze that is the school. Jogging up two flights of stairs, her mind wanders to the future. Now that they are of age what would change? What could they expect? She wanted to ask their guide but the questions lodged in her throat at the sudden stop.

Their darting gazes roamed the previously forbidden hallway. Before them stood a large wooden door with an old brass knocker the shape of a lion’s head. Off to the side set into the stone wall was a gold plack with two words printed in bold letters: Head Master.

Cassidies eyes bulged at the realization of where they were. Oh this can’t be good, she thought. Hoping the woman made a mistake, she held her breath until the sound of the knocker resonated down the hall and into the very pits of her body.

Wheeling on the girls Dawn hisses, “Do not look into His eyes unless He says its ok. As soon as you get inside wait for directions, then do them immediately! Got it?” at their nods and panicked looks she enters the room with them in tow.

The room wasn’t anything they were expecting. The fire place was ablaze with light and emitting heat from within. The wooden floor was covered with plush rugs. A huge desk sat off to the side surrounded by bookshelves and filing cabinets. Two comfy looking chairs were sitting in front of it. The smell of leather, smoke and bees wax invaded their senses. Behind the desk sat a tall handsome man with broad shoulders and tattoos all along his arms. He was dressed in a simple button down shirt and wrangler jeans. His gaze was piercing and confident as they landed on each girl in turn. His smile was dazzling as he noticed their guide. “Ah little one, there you are. I was afraid you fell.”

A gasp of shock escaped from the girls as dawn stuck her tongue out playfully. “No Master, I didn’t fall. I brought the girls from Sir Davidsons’ class.” Walking to his desk she hands him the files and settles in her place on his left and a step behind. The murmured good girl send shivers down her spine.

Amy was in complete shock! Their guide was the Head Masters slave. Oh I can’t wait to tell everyone, she thought giddily.

Cassidy was a little less excited about the revelation. She used to fantasize about meeting the Head Master and impressing him so much that he would make her his. But how can I compete with her? her thoughts darkened momentarily.

Standing up the Head Master walks to the girls taking a closer look, standing in front of Cassidy first. His initial impression always the basis of his opinion of the students. Brows furrow as he inspects her. “Why are you here girl?” his deep voice vibrates around the room.

Confused she answers with the first thing that pops into her head, “To learn Sir.”

A slight sigh escapes lifting his shoulders in a tense shrug. “Yes, as is everyone else. But why here?”

Struck by his look of disappointment as if she was slapped her voice quivers. “Because I wanted to find a Master and make him proud. I can’t get the right training from Harvard.”

Behind him Dawn reviews cassidies file. Well we can put smart mouth when under pressure, she shook her head as she marked it down. Her auburn hair falling over her shoulder. Opening the next file she listens to her Master talk to amy. “And you? Why are you here?”

Taking a steadying breath, her voice is sure and confident. “I’m here to explore a side of me that I am just setting free. I’d like one day to find an Owner but for now, I just want to learn from the Professionals, Sir.”

His return smile set her nerves to rest. Nodding he returns to his desk. “You may kneel by the chairs while my slave and I talk.” Their compliance was instant. I do love new slaves, he thought. “Take them to Murdock before anything else.” He wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to his girl.

Looking down at it she nods, “Yes Master.”

Part1: The Girls

A timid knock interrupts his lecture on basic protocol. Whispers erupt like an angry mob, one glare from the Professor silences them. The worn book thuds to the desk as he stalks to the door. The whispers start up again in a hushed frenzy at the mini conversation. “What is it girl?” A voice as clear as a crystal bell answers, “Forgive the interruption, but I am here to retrieve the students who have come of age.”

Stepping aside to allow her entrance he waits for the reaction of the class. The woman clad in a short black mini skirt, purple blouse under a tightly chinked corset with thigh high stockings steps off to the side and waits patiently for his instructions. She has been well trained, he thought appreciatively. The class is silent except the few creeks from the wooden seats of those who knew it was time. “Let me get the files. I see you’re doing better with the boots. Did the stress ball help?” he called over his shoulder.

A smile tugs the womans lips as the front row looks to the ballet boots she is teetering on. “So far with your pointers, I haven’t fallen as much. Thank you Sir.” piercing green eyes rack the group of wide eyed pupils wondering which ones she would be mentoring.

While digging out two files from his desk he says, “Cassidy and Amy get your things together. You will be leaving with Dawn. Quickly!” striding to the woman watching the two he hands her the files. “They are a bit slow yet in responding, its all here.”

Bowing over the offered files, Dawn thanks him. “I will make sure to repeat that to my Master. Sorry again for the interruption.” His smile is reassuring and kind. Her attention is diverted to the girls standing in front of her huffing and wide eyed. The taller of the two had striking features. Her read hair went down to the middle of her back, high elegant cheekbones accentuated by a dusting of freckles and her eyes! A deep green rimmed with a light brown twinkling with untapped possibilities. Her figure was also a plus! The other girl was slightly shorter with blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a mouth tailor made to suck a cock. Her hair was cropped short in an inverted bob. The girls’ ample breasts straining against her school girl uniform. Her posture hinted at the dainty and shy.

With one last smile to the Professor, Dawn motioned for the two to step outside. Following them she shuts the door on their past and the familiar with a solid click.


I have been thinking about pets all week while Master drove. Not the furry four-legged companions but the human ones.

left to right: Kitten, Me and Lilly

In the beginning of the week I had a very vivid dream. It was a little unsettling in its authenticity and complexity. In said dream we were settled in Corpus only we had a pet. A kitty cat to be precise. Normally I wouldn’t ponder that, but kitten was the pet!

I know I’ve never mentioned her so your probably thinking, “So? It’s a cat named kitten, who cares!” so I will elaborate.

When Master and I were “just” online, He was talking to multiple girls and had “collared” them. Mind you it was purely online. (it wasn’t “just” anything for me. Even then I knew He was it!) Well, kitten was one of them. She wasn’t His slave but more like a house pet. We talked a lot and she was just so damn cute! (as you can see in the pic!) I never felt any animosity from her or jealousy like I did from the others. She was simply the best bet a House could ask for!

But when things got ugly she chose to believe a russian liar and left. It hurt Master and I both. That was over 2 years ago.

I’m a little rattled as to why I would think of her here and now. What is that suppose to mean? Why did those emotions get kicked back up?

I haven’t been on imvu for a very long time. I’m thankful for it and becoming the place where I first talked to my Master will always make it special.

But why now and why her?!

Not so uneventful

Last night was a train wreck! We pulled into Big Springs Texas with 800 miles left out of 1600 mile trip. It was to deliver at 7am tomorrow. We weren’t going to be able to get there on time. apparently we had a “High value load” that couldn’t be late. So it was taken off Master and put on someone else (repowered) at 2am! Not only did we not know when but they didn’t even tell Him who would show. He had a big ole goose egg!

You have no idea how much trouble Master would be in if that guy decided to take it and run. That is a federal crime. With no mention of a repower on Master’s qualcomm He would be the fall guy. If its not on the qualcomm, it didn’t happen.

Shitty right?!

The load we got as a replacement made up for the lost miles plus some. It was supposed to pick up at 6pm today. Well its 9:26pm now and we still don’t have the pick up number and trailer number. With out those we have no load.

So today has been a very long and uneventful day. Pretty boring actually. I would normally ask Master to spank me or put me in my floaty space but I don’t feel like opening that door right now. I’m to neutral to get worked up. I just can’t deal with the negative emotions right now.

I found something out today. Quite by accident to. I was sitting on the floor of the shower, shaving my legs. Actually taking my time, drawing the blades over flesh. Up, down, Up and back down. It drowns out every emotion, every thought. Only thing that mattered was removing the pesky growth.

The frustration and pain of my Master not trusting me to navigate evaporated. The anger at my struggles as a slave disintegrated. I was left in peace. This is the second time it happened. I can cope on my own without pain. You have no idea what a relief that is! I don’t have to wait a month or two for pain to feel normal and peaceful! I just have to wait a day or two now.

So maybe today wasn’t as uneventful as I thought. 🙂

Ps: sorry about the lack of posts this week. Its been pretty hectic and emotional!

The Switch

Its 7am and I just woke up. Master went inside so I have a few minutes to write.

Usually when I wake up I’m a little groggy until my brain wakes up. But today it’s up and running in high gear analyzing last night. Master gave me a very good thrashing. That evil leather paddle was used everywhere. My back, butt, legs, arms and breasts. I’m sore in places I forgot I had. It was mentally exhausting in the sense my mind wouldn’t turn off! I kept thinking if that was what I really needed or was I doing it for some sick gratification. It made the pain hard to bear. I was crying with snot rolling down my face. Until He did my back. I guess that was the switch that shut off my raging thoughts. The pain didn’t change only… shifted from unbearable to enjoyable. I stopped crying and spaced. I was floating on the current of pain and every thing clicked! Yes, it was what I needed. I was ensconced in my place and who I am. Of course I get a warped gratification out of it. I’m a pain slut after all! No, HIS pain slut. 🙂

The Walls

I have been struggling with how mundane my life is right now. It’s all I seem to think about. With every thing that is going on outside our little bubble of control; you would think what can be controlled would take the center stage. And in my mind that is exactly how it works. My Master doesn’t think like that.

It seems with Him the crazier our life is the farther away He pushes us. Right now we are both stressed, I mean severely stressed. What with accumulating cash to move, His ex-mother-in-law and His DM(driver manager) there is no room for this lifestyle or in-depth discussions about us.

We are polar opposites in this. Life fire and ice trying to live together without destroying everything in the process. It really makes me angry and frustrated because He always says it will be easier. In some ways (like room, time and a way to get toys) yeah I’m sure it will be easier but the stress won’t go away! It will only morph into a different cocktail of unpleasantness.

I have no way to release that pent-up anger and frustration. I can’t clean in a mad frenzy or walk until my lungs want to burst. Other than those two ways I don’t know how to not break. Even the pope himself would snap in my predicament.

Because I’m so angry the thought of a scene is unappetizing to say the least. I’m not in the right mind-set for a quick spanking or slapping. I no longer enjoy giving Him a handjob or blowjob. It’s an instant turn off for me. I know that sounds harsh but I know my Master. Sometimes more than He gives me credit for.

I’m not sure I could accept anything that would make me more vulnerable than I am now. Even without the added vulnerability I have been hurt enough this week. I have been yelled at and snapped at multiple times. Right now I am just to iffy or on edge. I’m afraid I would break…


I just got out of a much needed shower. It was actually relaxing to sit under the hot water while shaving. Usually, showers are more of a chore than or obligation (my Master likes me smooth and hairless everywhere so it takes some time and effort) but today? It actually gave me time to think uninterrupted. Which is rare.

So I was doing my thing and it just came to me! The walls I use to have around my secret place and heart were coming back. I have worked so hard to knock those down and let my Master in. I’ve always been slightly afraid of letting Him in and submitting fully to Him. As you know I am a fairly independent person. (hush in the peanut gallery!) I’ve had to be to survive. I wasn’t sure I could trust Him to lean me in the right direction.

To this day I am really hesitant about that. I am also not a very trusting soul. I know I can trust Him with my life, but can I trust Him with everything else?

Its better than last month and hopefully in another month I will trust Him even more. Every day that goes by with Him fully ensconced in His role and I’m still safe and happy is a step in the right direction. On the flip side of that coin, every time He is just NGT the guy and I’m frustrated its one step backward.

Another thought I had in the shower way maybe a good scene was what I do in fact need! (I know two thoughts! I’m that good! hehe) My mind did a 180 degree spin I know, but hear me out. Doing nothing has messed with my head pretty bad. I’ve had bouts of self-doubt, whether or not I’m good enough to be my Masters’ slut and some of the walls come back to full glory from the rubble.

So perhaps I need to be pushed to my limit and then forced 10-20 steps farther into the unknown and past my safety net. I need to be put in my place then kept there. I know parts I won’t enjoy while others I will love. I need Him to unleash the Sadistic Bastard that lurks inside Him for a couple of days. To get back on track with what I am supposed to be!

Knowing me, I might rebel at first. When I am put back into my place I get a bit huffy and snippy.* After months of no corrections its only natural to resist. But after the initial huffy-ness I settle into the place that makes me love what I do. (mmm m&ms with pretzels inside!!) It just takes me a while to get back to that state of mind. After all patience is a virtue. (looks pointedly at Master)

*Master’s edit: A bit?! A bit snippy my Ass! (yes He did type that)