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Blessed Mercy

I guess Master does have a merciful bone in His body after all. I was given a stern
talking to about walking away but He understood that it was the lesser of two evils.
My mouth is what gets me in trouble the most. I know shocking, but bear with me here!
There are so many double standards that drive me nuts and one of them is the fact
that He can act like a phallic at any given time but me? Not a chance! I will get in trouble
some how for it. I have never liked the double standards that are set in normal society
between men and women let alone the ones I dug up via BDSM. Now my life is chalk
full of them. And so what if I rebel a little, its in my genetic code. I use to become so
enraged that my brother or cousins could eat sloppy but I could not. I would get
punished for spilling something on my clothes or not using the proper utensil to eat
certain foods with. But they could use their hands!

But I digress before this post becomes an even larger rant on double standards
and proper etiquette.

Although I was bratty yesterday Master still allowed me to receive a rather hard
spanking with His belt. I am still deliciously sore in my upper back between my
shoulders and my lower back where some of the more brutal strikes landed. But I
do mean brutal in the best since of the word. *smiles*

Sadly though this morning I have started my horrid time of the month so any activities
s down in the nether-regions is going to have to wait. But luckily this doesn’t affect
my breasts!


a Great day

Yesterday started out really rough. We woke up at 6:30 AM to take a shower then
get on the road. For some reason I was coughing up a lung (literaly!) and He
decided right then to make a snide comment about it. What was I suppose to do,
nothing? Well knowing me I snapped and said its not like I want to do
this you know! And… Let the yelling commense! At one point He through back in
my face a part of the conversation we had the night before.. At that point I broke
down internally. All this was before the showers mind you. Now once I was in the
shower I crumpled down on the floor and cried for a good five minutes.. The
day-before-convo was extremely important to me and it just showed me He wasn’t
going to keep His side of the deal even though I was determined to keep my side.
It just showed me every word I said was waisted breath…

Once we got to the post office things got so much better. We put in an app. For
a po box. Can you believe that?? I thought that was crazy, why do you have to
submit an application for a po box. We need it to get our mail while we are out on
the road. Plus we will be ordering toys and whips from online and I can’t exactly
send those to my MOMS addy! And we will be getting those things soon.
Afterwards we went to Walmart for a pair of water-proof shoes for Him plus I got
my shower bag! I don’t have to use a plastic seethrough thing. It was like searching
for a needle in a hay-stack! You think the duffel bags would be in the storage area
but they were by the picture frams instead! That Walmart is so inorganized and
messy! Once every thing was bought and paid for we went back to the truck to
put things away then headed to the dollar cinima. We were out of the truck all day
and got a lot accomplished. It was great! We watched “Going the distance” and
“Nanny McPhee2”. Both were really cute movies.

Oh! He got His hair cut to. I think He should start groqing it out again. So
far every one is kind of bad.

Now we are in a hotel for the day relaxing. We had golden corral for breakfast.
It was really good.

I’ll write more soon.