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Yes Mistress: Part 2

What the hell did I get into?! None of this was part of the deal.

He wanted to scream at her or get up and do something! No matter how loud he would scream deep down he knew it was pointless. His arms were bound in the metal cuffs and chains like his ankles. She made sure he couldn’t fight back. His butt was aflame and throbbing. His cheeks felt so dry they might crack. She had spanked him raw.

“Now for my next trick.” she said from behind him. His whole body tensed up. He could feel her hand rub his ass, down his thigh and between his legs. With a jolt he groans around the gag, drool spilling onto the floor.

Fresh tears leap to his eyes. The hand holding his halls squeezes painfully. His dick twitches in response as a bead of precum drips to the wood floors. His shaking head says no but his member says yes. The pressure receded only long enough for her to tie a piece of rope around them making it so much more painful. His cock hardened even further pulling a reluctant moan from his lips.

Fucking traitor!

The stinging pain to his ass starts again. Her silent strikes with the cane nerving. His body wiggled and tried to doge the pain but the rope around his scrotum tightened bringing a new definition of blue balls. His muffled yelps, groans and screams music to her ears.

His body stops resisting as the endorphins and adrenaline course through his veins. His head lulls to the side in acceptance as he floats with the pain. Unnoticed by him she stops the beating and bends down to inspect his ass and balls. With one last slap of his ass she releases his sack from the rope. A startled cry escapes as the sensation of blood rushing to his balls is to powerful. The awakened orbs release their load on the floor. His time of ecstasy is short-lived.

The woman unlocks his hands and ankles than tears off the gag. Her open palm lands on his face in a stinging blow. Her eyes full of fury as she spats, “You did not have permission! Clean that up!”

His dumbfounded expression infuriates her. Grabbing the back of his neck she pushes his face to the puddle he created.

“Yes Mistress.” He says as his tongue darts out to lap up his own juices.


Yes Mistress: part 1

“Down on your knees.” The vixen in front of him demanded. Her succulent figure clad in a black dress that clung to her like a second skin causing his flaccid groin to stir. He knew from their conversations and emails that she liked to dominate before she fucked anyone. With a shrug he complied.

Hey, if it gets me laid what do I care.

Her smile stopped his heart dead in its tracks. The light in her eyes almost a wicked gleam. He saw it before as they left the restaurant. Only this time its intensity is severe. Where he was he had the perfect view of her ass as she walked to her chest. Unfortunately this view made it impossible to see her pull out a cane and restraints until she returned to him. “What’s all that for?” His voice betrayed his outward calm.

“Quiet. You will see my little bitch.” her giggle set him on edge. So would the comment if she hadn’t warned him on the way here. His rigid body protested to the stiletto foot pushing into his back painfully. With a grunt his body falls to all fours in an embarrassing position. His cheeks flame to a scarlet hue. “That’s such a pretty color on you.”

Cold metal is placed around his ankles with a deafening click. His legs start to part and in a show of defiance he fights with all his might. A yelp of pain slips from his lips, followed by a string of curses. “What the fuck lady?!”

A tsk tsk sound reaches his ears a moment before a second blow lands on his pink ass cheeks. “What a potty mouth you have!” As he reels from the pain she secures his legs so they are wide open. Over his protests and attempts to move he hears her voice. “We will change that!” A ball gag is stuffed into his mouth and buckled behind his head and locked. His wide eyes stare up at her incredulously.

“There.” She giggles.