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Beware: Geeky

Now that we are in the place, I have almost nothing to do. I’m not a fan of half the shows on tv, I use to like House and NCIS but that was all the truck stops played. I don’t get the pregnant teen shows. Kids having kids isn’t glamorous, its irresponsible!

The boredom is going to drive me insane! The only “friend” I have won’ waste gas to visit now that Master and I are away frome one another. But going to the same city for a munch we could have went to is ok. She doesn’t have to say all that, its the fact that she says nothing that makes my point. So, going out is a big fat No; for now. Until I find someone else to talk to.

I’m still shy about the extra cost but perhaps getting a computer ar Aarons would have been smart. The only thing was our bills were increasing as it was. I was worried the 100+ dollars would hurt us more than help. I know it doesn’t seem like much for most of you but the only bill we have had for almost a year was the phone. Now we have the phone, rent, electric and furnature.

Now I think we might be able to handle it. But we will see. I’d really like to play Sims again. Have my mother ship the ones I have there. Make the family tree as complex as I wanted before. Yes it is geeky of me to say that but I love Sims. Its the type of game I find addicting. I like the Business and Pets expansion packs the most. Even the basic one is still complex.