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This weekend was rather relaxing. We stayed in our hotel for three days. We lounged around in our pjs watching tv. I got to post last months writings and stories. I finally finished the Surrender series. Sorry for the wait on that, inspiration wasn’t striking. I guess my Muse was on Vacation!

We watched the Superbowl… In which the packers won by (I think) 11points in so doing they made my day and Master sulked. *smiles with evil glee* Sadly, we didn’t bet so it was just (as “just” as the Superbowl can be) a game. I thought the half time show sucked! I really don’t like the Black Eyed Peas… Especially that Fergy thing. She grates on the nerves. *Shudders*

On Monday, Master made me stand in line at the DMV to do another I.D because we never got the first one. He just had to put me in the system. We were there for, at least, two hours! I was not a happy camper. It would have went quicker if more than 4 people out of 8 were actually working. But that’s any state department for you. As soon as its break time they bolt!

A big downer this weekend was Master catching a cold. The poor Man had a fever the first day and dizzy spells throughout the second. He still has the coughs, sneezes and sniffles. I feel bad for Him 😦 I hate seeing Him so sick. It didn’t stop Him from seeing 3 movies though. He’s such a trooper.

We saw (in order) Due Date, How do you know and MegaMind. The first was great, made me laugh so bonus. The second was ok… not the best ever. The last was by far the best out of the 3! 3D Technology has come so far. I mean wow!


Oh oh oh! Master took me to this yummy Chinese restaurant!                      It had sushi and crab legs and squid! I was in slave heaven. First thing I had was sushi. I love love LOVE that stuff! I haven’t tried a kind I don’t like yet. I didn’t like the crab legs though. I’d rather have lobster which is weird since Master thinks they taste alike. I think crab is too sweet. It was under $30 to!

I have been spoiled this weekend! I had a lot of fun even with out the ouchies.

We even called a few places from the Classifieds. Master found, by accident, this woman whose sole job is to put renters in apartments. Because of her our nut for saving went from $5,000 to $1000. Which means… Wait for it…

I could conceivably be off the truck by the beginning of May! *Does the happy slave dance!* We are closer to getting a place than either of us realized. And I won’t have to live near or with my Family! 🙂 Plus it will either be an apartment/duplex or rental house! I wasn’t thrilled with living in a hotel. Now I may not have to.

And wait there’s more… The icing on the cake, the cherry on top of all this? I got a new cell phone! I don’t have to share with Master anymore. And it’s so pretty. It’s a black LG with a full keyboard, so texting is even easier! I absolutely love it. It takes way better pictures than Masters. *gloats*

This very happy girl is taking herself to bed. I have to get up at 6:30 am central time. 😦


A new chapter…

I know its out of order in my book but Master has the phone inside and I haven’t had time to copy the story and entry yet. While He’s driving I write it on an app in the phone but for some reason it won’t publish! 😦 (For those of you reading this on the blog you probably have no idea what I’m talking about so just ignore this part 🙂 )

In greater news, I am starting my new journal. My old book is full! Ok, so you are probably thinking, again, so what? But for me this is a big thing. Kind of like another year blogging… Only for a paper notebook. I like to think of it as another portion of my life is completed. Other than Master, and now you all, no one else knows exactly what that chapter of my life entailed.

I might be making too much out of this, but so what if I am? You don’t have to understand, most just think its “just” a journal/blog. To them I guess that’s all it is. To me. It’s oh so much more.

We just got done watching 3 movies at the Laredo yard. (These aren’t in order by watching but my quality.) The first was Salt. It was surprisingly good, even Master enjoyed it. He isn’t an Angelina Jolie fan. But the ending surprised us both. The second was Repo Man. It was Fantastic! Morbid but good. The only problem was the movie guy took it out to soon to put Salt. We have to get this one. And lastly Red… Wasn’t impressed. It was too predictable. We knew the ending about half the way through! Not their best work..

And now we’re de-icing the truck and warming up because Laredo decided to have freaky weather! I mean, really? Ice in South Texas?! Damn Weather! I’m gonna warm up the bed for Master now 🙂