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Busy Busy Bees

If you have ever moved before you know the huge hastle it is! If you have moved from one state to the other than you know just how more difficult it can be!

Me? I’m moving from Washington State to the bottom of Texas. It is crazy how stressed I am right now.

Today alone, Master and I have driven around the city buying furniture and signing the lease for the apartment. Yes pervs and pervettes, we have the keys!

Today we ordered a living room set with a gray couch and love seat, two end tables of dark wood and glass inserts, a coffee table to match, a 32″ tv and a stand. Then we moved on to the bedroom. We got a four poster oak bed, two end tables and a Chester drawers. The furniture is so gorgeous! I am in heaven. It will hopefully be delivered and set up tomorrow morning/afternoon.

Now, you all should know I am a big BIG bargain shopper. If I can find a deal I am thrilled. You will never guess how much all together this cost. No really guess..!

… Less than $300!!!!!

Yes I had a mini orgasm to! Its ok, no one is telling a soul.

The best part about it (I know what could be better than a mini o? read on and you’ll find out) was that Master and I didn’t fight about any of it at all! Ok, so it may not be news to you. But to me? Huge deal! Master and I have opposite taste in furniture. I like dark wood, He likes light. I have an eclectic taste that flows with each other or separate. He likes the matchie matchie stuffs. And we compromised like pros! That is points to both slave and Master column. We’re good like that! (Yes, we so are!)

Oh! And we had an extra $150 at the end of the day that we thought we would have to spend. So I had yummy sushi for dinner. It was so good!! I should have taken a picture. But alas it didn’t last long enough.

My Wallet! Sorry for the blurry-ness

Plus Master allowed me to get my new wallet. The one I had I hated about a week after getting it. I was and stupid in my choice. It was that fake gold crap. But this one? It’s so pretty! And it fits everything plus some! I have room for reciets, check book and change along with cash. It was only $10 to. Again mini Orgasm! Yes, I am one lucky slave today.

Tomorrow? I get to go dish shopping for pots, pans and other kitchen oddities. And food shopping. I am actually excited! At Family Dollar there is a set of dishes that are black that I am drooling over. I am so getting them tomorrow. I will take a picture of my treasure trove! You all will just have to wait for it.

Muahahaha! *coughs*


Eager Acceptance

I’m taking a break from writing The Academy. I normally don’t like to do that but there is a lot happening that is making me preoccupied.

We are moving into the apartment in less than a week. As for those of you who are friends on FB know, I am a mixed bag of nerves. It varies from day to day and hour to hour sometimes. I am excited to get off the truck! The first 6 months were fun but the year and a half after that was a bit brutal.

It was a great learning tool though. When two people are thrust together (not in a dirty way! Get your heads out of the gutter!) in a limited enviroment, they either mesh together or crumble. We not only meshed but thrived! At times it was a little rough and bumpy but no relationship is perfect. We are far from perfection but we are perfect for one another. There is no I or Me anymore, instead its We or Us.

People, couples especially, have no real concept of 24/7 until they live in a truck. I have no outside job or schooling to go to. Entertainment is done together, i.e movies. In the beginning we even showered together. Except for the bathroom we are hardly apart. Where He goes, I go. It can be suffocating or solidifying depending how you look at it. I like to think it helped make Us as strong as we are! For that, I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Now its time for the next stage in our relationship. Taking this leap of faith scares me to death and excites me. We have mastered living together in a really small space. Its become our normal and its safe. It’s not the experience or even the responsibility that frightens… Just that, we finally have us down pat and I’m afraid we will have to relearn us. I know that’s silly but there you have it.

Then you add being away from Master 2-3 weeks a month while He works and I’m a basket case!

I am doing things eagerly that I would normally grimace at just to have that feel of ownership and control. I don’t complain (as much) about the chores like laundry and making the bed. I still don’t like it but I am more than willing to do it. Anything I can do to help carry the dynamic we have now, I will do!

For instance, last night I gave Master a foot rub. I abhor feet! But I did it to show my appreciation to Him. No ulterior motive or selfish thoughts. Just me on my knees serving up one hell of a foot rub to Him!


This weekend was rather relaxing. We stayed in our hotel for three days. We lounged around in our pjs watching tv. I got to post last months writings and stories. I finally finished the Surrender series. Sorry for the wait on that, inspiration wasn’t striking. I guess my Muse was on Vacation!

We watched the Superbowl… In which the packers won by (I think) 11points in so doing they made my day and Master sulked. *smiles with evil glee* Sadly, we didn’t bet so it was just (as “just” as the Superbowl can be) a game. I thought the half time show sucked! I really don’t like the Black Eyed Peas… Especially that Fergy thing. She grates on the nerves. *Shudders*

On Monday, Master made me stand in line at the DMV to do another I.D because we never got the first one. He just had to put me in the system. We were there for, at least, two hours! I was not a happy camper. It would have went quicker if more than 4 people out of 8 were actually working. But that’s any state department for you. As soon as its break time they bolt!

A big downer this weekend was Master catching a cold. The poor Man had a fever the first day and dizzy spells throughout the second. He still has the coughs, sneezes and sniffles. I feel bad for Him 😦 I hate seeing Him so sick. It didn’t stop Him from seeing 3 movies though. He’s such a trooper.

We saw (in order) Due Date, How do you know and MegaMind. The first was great, made me laugh so bonus. The second was ok… not the best ever. The last was by far the best out of the 3! 3D Technology has come so far. I mean wow!


Oh oh oh! Master took me to this yummy Chinese restaurant!                      It had sushi and crab legs and squid! I was in slave heaven. First thing I had was sushi. I love love LOVE that stuff! I haven’t tried a kind I don’t like yet. I didn’t like the crab legs though. I’d rather have lobster which is weird since Master thinks they taste alike. I think crab is too sweet. It was under $30 to!

I have been spoiled this weekend! I had a lot of fun even with out the ouchies.

We even called a few places from the Classifieds. Master found, by accident, this woman whose sole job is to put renters in apartments. Because of her our nut for saving went from $5,000 to $1000. Which means… Wait for it…

I could conceivably be off the truck by the beginning of May! *Does the happy slave dance!* We are closer to getting a place than either of us realized. And I won’t have to live near or with my Family! 🙂 Plus it will either be an apartment/duplex or rental house! I wasn’t thrilled with living in a hotel. Now I may not have to.

And wait there’s more… The icing on the cake, the cherry on top of all this? I got a new cell phone! I don’t have to share with Master anymore. And it’s so pretty. It’s a black LG with a full keyboard, so texting is even easier! I absolutely love it. It takes way better pictures than Masters. *gloats*

This very happy girl is taking herself to bed. I have to get up at 6:30 am central time. 😦

Stress and curve balls



*Land, animal, immediate yes, ride/backup plan, cheap living, warm weather but not to hot, close-ish to a big city, cheap rent: $300, close to Denver?, us under one roof!


*grandmother, alcoholics, drugs, Uncle B, jobless, income tax, cold weather in the winter!, small town, no open lifestyle/kink, Lack of privacy.


* Family for Angel that want her!


This has been a lot to process in a short time. The Bitch (Angels grandmother on her mother’s side) wants angel out and K (Masters oldest Daughter) won’t take her. We have to come up with something quick for a living arrangement. I have to look at this as an opportunity to shine. If I don’t I will go crazy. My stomach is churning because I don’t know whats going to happen. I just have to do well with what I’m given. Even if it isn’t much or how I wanted it. For the beginning of this new family I’m willing to put aside personal feelings and look out for the whole. I don’t want to move back with my grandmother but temporarily it might be needed to get the three of us under one roof. That’s the main thing I’m looking at right now!