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Growing in my place

I have been browsing along two websites looking for new gear and toys. Our toy collection is still really bare, but now that we have the space and storage that might change. I found a couple of good quality floggers and a bamboo cane that hopefuly (crosses fingers) will leave plenty of marks on my hard-to-mark tushy.

There was also a sensory deprivation hood that I am drooling over! Its black leather and has a gas mask/pump that I would breath through. The cool thing is Master can control how well I can breath. So many fantacies would be answered with just that piece. There is extra padding around the ears, eyes and mouth. Its not quite sound proof but it muffles the noise so I wouldn’t know where Master was or what He was saying.

I’ve dreamt about having Master control everything in a scene for a while but sufice it to say, a pillow or His hand isn’t extreme enough now. Our play has evolved from the beginner level to the more advanced toys and play.

My limits aren’t the same as they were a year ago. I want to have my body and face completely inclosed. I want to be Master’s foot stool or any other piece of furnature He chooses for me. I will do what ever He wishes of me. Although the cumming on my face still creaps me out. So that is still a big fat No!

This step in our dynamic is long in coming but now that it is here I feel excitement and nervousness all in one ball. I guess that is natural, to be a little nervous of the unknown?

At least thats how I’m going to see it. It is my blog after all 🙂


Part2: The Head Master

“Alright girls follow me. There is much to do and very little time to do it.”

With hesitant glances at one another they fall instep with the woman named Dawn. Trying to keep up with her quick strides, amy has to all but run. The corridors they are led through are unfamiliar and the girls soon get lost in the maze that is the school. Jogging up two flights of stairs, her mind wanders to the future. Now that they are of age what would change? What could they expect? She wanted to ask their guide but the questions lodged in her throat at the sudden stop.

Their darting gazes roamed the previously forbidden hallway. Before them stood a large wooden door with an old brass knocker the shape of a lion’s head. Off to the side set into the stone wall was a gold plack with two words printed in bold letters: Head Master.

Cassidies eyes bulged at the realization of where they were. Oh this can’t be good, she thought. Hoping the woman made a mistake, she held her breath until the sound of the knocker resonated down the hall and into the very pits of her body.

Wheeling on the girls Dawn hisses, “Do not look into His eyes unless He says its ok. As soon as you get inside wait for directions, then do them immediately! Got it?” at their nods and panicked looks she enters the room with them in tow.

The room wasn’t anything they were expecting. The fire place was ablaze with light and emitting heat from within. The wooden floor was covered with plush rugs. A huge desk sat off to the side surrounded by bookshelves and filing cabinets. Two comfy looking chairs were sitting in front of it. The smell of leather, smoke and bees wax invaded their senses. Behind the desk sat a tall handsome man with broad shoulders and tattoos all along his arms. He was dressed in a simple button down shirt and wrangler jeans. His gaze was piercing and confident as they landed on each girl in turn. His smile was dazzling as he noticed their guide. “Ah little one, there you are. I was afraid you fell.”

A gasp of shock escaped from the girls as dawn stuck her tongue out playfully. “No Master, I didn’t fall. I brought the girls from Sir Davidsons’ class.” Walking to his desk she hands him the files and settles in her place on his left and a step behind. The murmured good girl send shivers down her spine.

Amy was in complete shock! Their guide was the Head Masters slave. Oh I can’t wait to tell everyone, she thought giddily.

Cassidy was a little less excited about the revelation. She used to fantasize about meeting the Head Master and impressing him so much that he would make her his. But how can I compete with her? her thoughts darkened momentarily.

Standing up the Head Master walks to the girls taking a closer look, standing in front of Cassidy first. His initial impression always the basis of his opinion of the students. Brows furrow as he inspects her. “Why are you here girl?” his deep voice vibrates around the room.

Confused she answers with the first thing that pops into her head, “To learn Sir.”

A slight sigh escapes lifting his shoulders in a tense shrug. “Yes, as is everyone else. But why here?”

Struck by his look of disappointment as if she was slapped her voice quivers. “Because I wanted to find a Master and make him proud. I can’t get the right training from Harvard.”

Behind him Dawn reviews cassidies file. Well we can put smart mouth when under pressure, she shook her head as she marked it down. Her auburn hair falling over her shoulder. Opening the next file she listens to her Master talk to amy. “And you? Why are you here?”

Taking a steadying breath, her voice is sure and confident. “I’m here to explore a side of me that I am just setting free. I’d like one day to find an Owner but for now, I just want to learn from the Professionals, Sir.”

His return smile set her nerves to rest. Nodding he returns to his desk. “You may kneel by the chairs while my slave and I talk.” Their compliance was instant. I do love new slaves, he thought. “Take them to Murdock before anything else.” He wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to his girl.

Looking down at it she nods, “Yes Master.”