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Second Chances

Two days ago I told Him (Master) that I was going to leave and stay at my mothers
until some other option came available. The look of pain on His face was
excruciating! Once we stopped for the day He turned to me and for the first time in
so long we talked about every thing. I told Him about the yelling and how it affects
me. He thought He was disciplining me instead of abusing me. He actually
apologized and agreed that He crossed the line with that. We talked about finding
the right and most effective punishment for me and He agreed with that to. The
difference about this time and all the others is the instant change in Him, He seemed
d to get just how much this lack of control hurt me. I know I wrote that I was going to
leave even though I didn’t want to. But I think everyone deserves second chances,
even a Dominate. Especially when that Dominate is the love of your life. And even
though I write about my disappointments I forget to write about the good or even His
point of view. I haven’t been exactly a bead of roses either!

What I’m saying is I’m not leaving and for good reasons. If people think otherwise
screw them!

I finally got the list of rules that I have been wanting. They are fair and just. And I
was told the punishments would be physical since mental doesn’t work.
(see He’s working on it!)

Yesterday afternoon He told me we would do something involving pain later on that
night but He wouldn’t tell me anymore. My mind instantly went to the bad place. I
kept thinking that either it wouldn’t happen or it wouldn’t be that intense.. I know that’s
the wrong way to think but hear me out! For so long I have been disappointed in the
lack of intensity so if I go into it thinking that way I won’t be disappointed but happy
when it is intense!

He finally used the candle for what it was supposed to be used for. And I’ve gotta
say I’m not a big fan! It was extremely painful and I was scared I would get burned
by the candle or it would get on my face! I kept moving and jerking next time He
said I was going to be bound and hopefully wearing a mask and/or gag! I have a
huge phobia of things getting on my face, even His cum.. I’ve always been that way.

So far things have continued onto the path that was laid out two days ago.


Master’s B-day

Have you ever worked so hard your whole body shakes? The last two days have been like that. Non-stop constantly working. I haven’t done this much work in over a year!

Three days ago, Master turned in his truck. He finally walked away. I wish we could have had one last scene in it, but T was going to pick us up. At first the plan was W would do it the next day. He had the day off so it would have worked out. R decided to do it that day while W was still at work.

So for the last two days this poor slave has been moving and cleaning while doing laundry. My whole body is protesting. But what was I going to do? Tell R no? I’ll get right on that… When hell freezes! I won’t be able to live here forever. I cant do it. I need a place that’s mine so I don’t get interrupted while doing my things to do other peoples things. I feel like I have 2 owners. Master and R.

Even though she is a slave driver, she is rather nice. Bossy, but nice. She is doing so much for us. It’s why I can’t say no. It would be wrong! Her and W are providing everything for us, And I do mean everything. For 60 days we don’t have to pay anything. Then we will only have to pay $150 a week. Basically we will pay rent while they pay everything else.

Tonight they are taking us to dinner for Masters B-Day. He will like it.. At least I hope he does. 🙂 He is in the shower now. Then I will take one and we will go.

His sore slave