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The meeting: Part 2

Well… Where to start?

In the 1 day we were with W and R a lot has happened. Our world was pretty well turned upside down. But I will get to that in a bit.

These two people are not the evil monster’s that would judge me by first look like I created inside my imagination. I had nothing to worry about like Master had told me. They were so nice and understanding… and accepting! They didn’t even bat an eye-lash when I told them my age. Yes, I was the one to admit it. For the first time since I have been with Master I was comfortable enough to say out loud my age and that Master and I have a 30 yr+ age difference. They made me feel like one of them. W is a classic southern gentleman. The picture is complete with the pick-up truck and snuff. He was such a darling. R was the nicest lady I have met in a long time. She was so welcoming and really nice. But she has the air about her, that if you cross her you will be very. very. very sorry. They took Master and I to the Kings’ Inn in Rivera Texas. (I think that’s how you spell it, if not sorry Texans’.) The menu is by the pound so they ordered. It was nice for Master. He didn’t have to make any decisions what-so-ever. He just got to sit back and relax and enjoy good food without worrying about how much it would cost. W ordered 2 platters of jumbo shrimp, an avocado salad, onion rings, fries and fried oysters. My goodness that was the biggest spread I have seen on one table in years! The avocados were like butter. They were mouth-watering. The Jumbo shrimp was the size of golf balls with tails. I have never in my life witnessed a shrimp that big. Even the jumbo’s! The oysters were even good. Master tried one and was pleasantly surprised.

While we were eating W and R were hounding Master about this truck and the business. They really care about Him and want Him happy. They gave Master some really good advice. These people wont sugar coat anything. They will tell you what they think, how they think it especially when they happen to be correct. This time I agreed with them 100%. They told Master that He will never be making money with this truck. This industry is only going to get worse. The fuel prices are going to get higher and the rates are going to get lower. There is no getting ahead of what we are in the hole. We have been at it for one year in august and we are still in the hole, now $2000. W told Master about his job at the Prison as a Prison guard. They work four days on four off for full-time. They get $1400 a month with full benefits. The houses they live in are rentals and all they pay for is rent, water, phone and cable. The rent comes out to $750 a month. R offered us a place to stay until we get a place as long as Master is going to the academy (training for the Prison) and when we can afford to leave, we do. W didn’t know R was going to do that. He was very surprised. That just shows how much these people love my Master. They are more family then His sister-in-law and own daughter!

Master has decided to take them up on their offer. So on Tuesday Master is going to call His FM and give His 2-weeks notice! It has to be Tuesday because of memorial weekend. They won’t be in on Monday. Master is finally giving this truck back. We will be getting a steady pay-check. Master will be able to go to the doctors and I will get my house. Right now I could not be happier. I only have to deal with this truck for two maybe three more weeks then I’m home free… Literally. Master and I were hoping this meeting would turn into a great opportunity. If R and W had it their way Master would have just walked away from the truck then and there. But Master has never just walked away from a job and I am very proud of Him for not doing it now. 🙂

We are now driving to San Antonio under a load going to Loudon Tennessee. I’m getting tired after the good meal we had today. Today it was the sirloin Steak-house. My Idea and Master’s favorite. 🙂 It was a surprise to Him.

I’m gonna check my email and just enjoy the ride.


The Meeting: Part 1

Master just got unloaded. We have about an hour to drive still until we get to Kingsville. That is where we are meeting W, and His wife R. I am a nervous wreck! There are butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to eat. I damn well better at least try. Especially if they are forking out the bill.

Master is now my rock and strength. I would never be doing this with out Him! I will write how it goes in part 2. Wish me luck!!