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Just so you all don’t think I’ve forgotten you I’m doing this post then a much longer and more descriptive post later…

The reason for my oddness this time is my blasted innernets are acting badly! The whole time we were going between Dallas and Houston I had a five mile snit that it actually worked. Believe me, my absence isn’t due to lack of writing inspiration.. Just pesky connection problems!!

Right now we are doing a run to Mississippi and back to Dallas, then I will be going back to the Walmart blitz since Master likes those for some odd reason. So while I have a connection I will be blogging as much as possible!


crappy ending to a good day!

Last night didn’t go at all the way I thought it would.. Very disapointing.
He always says He needs more room to use me properly yet when He has the space He wont use it..
Sadly I’m not suprised