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The plotting continues

The Curse has arrived! It reared its big painful head this morning at 7am. The only good thing about it coming now is I will be free of it by this weekend. I’m glad I only have a 5-6 day span instead of longer. The trade off is the first day is always the most painful. I had to take 4 extended relief Midol just to make the cramps go by-by! I know Master doesn’t like it when I take so much. But it helps…

I’m also lucky He can show mercy and kindness at this time. I become a ball of over worked nerves and my emotions  go all wonky! I tend to play on the sympathy card for extra snuggles 🙂 (Hey! Once a month never killed anyone!)

So last night a major storm system blew through Dallas. It woke both of us up but us being us we fell back asleep. And I get up this morning, before Master, (*Gloats*) only to see nothing but now and ice! The truck was completely froze over. Dallas isn’t suppose to get this crap! Damn Mother Nature and Her fickle ways. Master deemed it undrivable today. We turned on the local news and I was grateful He said that. On I-35E there was a 10-truck (18 wheelers) pile up and several others all over town. The Delivery people won’t drive in it so you know its bad.

I don’t know what we’re going to do for dinner.

As I write this it’s snowing again! 😦

I showed Master Sephis response to my comment on Facebook. It made Him think about it. I will not give up on getting my nips pierced without a fight! I want it to badly… I think I swayed Him on getting my hair dyed to! Purple and black is my goal. I planted the seeds of indecision, now all I have to do is let them grow. There has to be some form of compromise.

Where there’s a Will… There’s a slave plotting!

Speaking of plotting slaves… Do you remember the blog I just found? Probably not since I mentioned it all of one time. Anyway, I don’t think I like the blog… Or her, at least the side she blogs about. I know it’s still a new blog, but she’s to… Good! All she writes about is how doing things for Him makes her pleased. She writes about His pleasure is her pleasure. I’m not knocking those feelings, god(s) knows I have them at times. But is that it? Is that all she can think of to write about? What about all her other emotions?

There’s more to being a slave/sub/servant than “just” pleasing your Master/Dom/Owner. The connection that binds one to Him/Her is so powerful and unique to each dynamic that more words/feelings are needed to describe it than “He is Master; I am slave”! Even describing feelings certain activities draw out in you need more understanding than the basics. Saying I enjoy making the bed because He likes a well made bed seems wrong because I loathe making the bed. That won’t go away because I’m now a slave…

Basically she sounds Robotic. And that rubs me the wrong way. Ok, maybe not robotic but its the only word that comes to mind. Then you add how she ends her posts with a question to the readers… It’s almost as if she’s playing it safe. I won’t be linking her blog because I stopped reading it myself. I guess I like the blogs that are more honest in their writings.

For me, writing is a way to express myself and my feelings. I have a hard time talking about my problems. Even to Master. I am getting better but it’s not 100%. So what I write is a part of me… Flaws and all. So I look for similar writers. I don’t want to read what you think I might enjoy.

Maybe that’s asking too much..


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