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Good Blogs and Bad Ones

I have been looking for websites or books to help me get back into the mind set that is needed to do what I do. Most sites I’ve found are just what that particular sub thinks/does. I’ve even talked to the only other slave that I’m in contact with. She was more concerned with what type of control I wanted then proceeded to tell me it wasn’t possible because we were slaves to truckers?! So she was NO help what-so-ever. (I need more submissive contacts) All I’ve been searching for is a way to become a better slave but it seems people are more worried about where others are at now and not where they want to go in the future.. I was getting so frustrated I was about to give up. I literally stumbled on this site and its exactly what I have been looking for. Its the Submissive Guide blog. Basically a cumulative of different slaves giving helpful posts to those who read it. There are posts on rituals, discipline and many other topics. The one about getting into the right mind set by ritual helped a lot. There was only one problem with her advice.. I am in a truck and have limited space and time in the mornings. I can’t take an hour and a half for a morning routine. I wish there was some kind of self help site for a truckers girl. Most things girls do in a house or even only an apartment have way more room then I do so I can’t clean or do yoga. However I can meditate but even that’s a bit difficult with Master listening to talk shows. Once we get the po box I will be able to order some S/m books. That itself will immensely help.
I’m still looking for the morning ritual that works best for me.. When I find it you will know.

The blog that I have been reading to get my “fix” has sadly become less and less appealing. I’m not entirely sure why. You would think her posts would be even more invigorating since she is back with her Master, but they are getting less details and being posted irregularly. I get why she isn’t writing as much as often because she is with her Master and therefore has to devote her time to him instead of her blog.. Even the ones that do have graphic detail don’t really interest me anymore. Maybe its because I am now living the life I have always hoped to live and am now making my own experiences. Either way I think I’m done being one of her avid readers. Its sad in a way but extremely invigorating to! My life is looking up and our relationship is blooming.

Last night Master told me that tonight I would be getting another spanking. Apparently he waits three days when there is bruising so its not to painful but the blood is still at the surface. I’m going to have to trust him on this one. Its a good exercise on trust. I’m still hesitant about that. I trust him with my life, I just have a hard time trusting him when he’s holding a candle above my flesh! Van you blame me?? I’m working on that as well as everything else… Man do I have a ways to go!