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Being Taken

… When we got back to the truck after the thunder storm it was really dark. He decided to change parking spots and go to the very back, dark corner of the yards lot. Right then I knew what ever he had planed wasn’t going to be at all pleasurable but instead extremely painful. Since I’m a screamer in all things painfull, and having no gag he has to park away from people as much as possible. And boy did I scream! At first he had me finger myself while stroking him. I really didn’t want to play with myself right then. Something came over me just at that moment and I was severely shy! I have never been shy sexually, I know what I want/like and will do whatever is needed to get it. But as soon as Master had me do that I was instantly turned off. That has NEVER happened with us. I’ve had a hard time orgasming but never being instantly turned off. I had to do what I was told though because he was in full Master mode as he puts it. At that point he made me get on all fours, continue to play all the while smacking
my butt, thighs and back with the combination of his belt and hand. I wasn’t given a safeword so all I could do was bare it and hope he would stop soon. Not only am I a screamer I’m also a mover. When it gets to painful I move away from him even though it will do me no good what-so-ever! I was in tears after five minutes or so and he was still going. I thought it would never end. At some point he got behind me and used my hole rather painfully because I was no longer wet. He had my hair in his hand and pulling my head up of the pillow. I am still sore! After such use and harshness I yearn for my cage. All I wanted was to be put away to ponder what happened and every thing I felt. But alas, the cage doesn’t fit in the truck. When that bitch threw us out we had to condense everything and I had to sacrifice my gag, blindfold, restraints and cage. We haven’t been able to get any of that back yet.

Are toys considered a necessity? After the text from angel all we are buying is the essintials so we can save money quicker.. We are going to have to get them at some point anyway. And find a place/way to hide them.

We will get to that road block when it shows up.


Blessed Mercy

I guess Master does have a merciful bone in His body after all. I was given a stern
talking to about walking away but He understood that it was the lesser of two evils.
My mouth is what gets me in trouble the most. I know shocking, but bear with me here!
There are so many double standards that drive me nuts and one of them is the fact
that He can act like a phallic at any given time but me? Not a chance! I will get in trouble
some how for it. I have never liked the double standards that are set in normal society
between men and women let alone the ones I dug up via BDSM. Now my life is chalk
full of them. And so what if I rebel a little, its in my genetic code. I use to become so
enraged that my brother or cousins could eat sloppy but I could not. I would get
punished for spilling something on my clothes or not using the proper utensil to eat
certain foods with. But they could use their hands!

But I digress before this post becomes an even larger rant on double standards
and proper etiquette.

Although I was bratty yesterday Master still allowed me to receive a rather hard
spanking with His belt. I am still deliciously sore in my upper back between my
shoulders and my lower back where some of the more brutal strikes landed. But I
do mean brutal in the best since of the word. *smiles*

Sadly though this morning I have started my horrid time of the month so any activities
s down in the nether-regions is going to have to wait. But luckily this doesn’t affect
my breasts!