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Woohoo another day

One more day then Master and I expected for internet use. I have been checking it on and off today while I did laundry and other chores.

Thing’s have recently improved with Master and I but that is for another longer post. 🙂 If I’m keeping you on the edge of you seat.. Mission accomplished *Evil grin*
Living with W and R are still kind of stressful. I really flipped out at Master because of what R said after we got back from the store and got a couple of extra’s that her husband bought. I have to keep constantly reminding myself she is on steroids and a lot of them so I don’t flip out at her. That would be horrible! Master can take it because of the deal we have created. (which is also in the longer post hehe) Lets just say it is very beneficial to both parties. A win-win if you will.
Anywho, I’m just writing to say there will be a bigger post and the second part to the story later today. Today, I’m one busy girl.

Temporary setback

Monday T-Mobile will be shut down. Master has bought all the time He can. Unfortunately that is what happens when you don’t draw a paycheck.

Master has been working His tail off trying to get a job. One place He applied to He was exactly three days late. W decided Master should take the weekend off and it cost Him the job. Neither of us wanted to take the weekend. We figured Master would have a job at least. I applied at a convenience store down the street. It’s actually kind of perfect. It’s within walking distance so I don’t have to get a drivers license just yet. That will happen, just it isn’t a rush now. Plus this way I wouldn’t have to have to ride with R for three hours.

I will be posting as much as I can for as long as I can. There will be a dry spell for a while until things get back to normal.